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Convert Text to Cryptonumerals (leet)

L37'5 533 1f y0u c4n r34d 7h15. 7h15 m355463 53rv35 70 pr0v3 7h47 7h3 hum4n m1nd d035 n07 r34d 3v3ry ch4r4c73r 8y 1753lf 8u7 7h3 w0rd 45 4 wh0l3. M4k3 y0ur 0wn m3554635 4nd f1nd 0u7 1f y0ur fr13nd5 4r3 48l3 70 r34d 7h3m.

This tool allows you to convert a normal text into cryptonumerals and vice versa. Enter your text then click on one of the two buttons below and the revised text will appear in the lower box.

Your text :


Result :